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Gleam and Glow

Gleam and Glow - Eve Bunting, Peter Sylvada

Lexile Level: 450L


This story based on the true experience of a Bosnian family forced to flee their country during the recent civil war. Eight year old Viktor watches as his father goes to join the Liberation Army. He, his mother, and younger sister, Marina, will soon be forced to leave their home. A stranger passes through Viktor's town on their way to the border and leaves his two golden fish with the family. But just a few days later, as they ready themselves to depart, Viktor releases the fish into their pond. After days and weeks of walking and of living in a refugee camp, the boy and his mother and sister share a glorious reunion with their dad and eventually return home. When the family returns home they are saddened to see that their home has been destroyed but in awe to see what was left in the pond. 

I would read this story to my 4-6th grade class to learn about history and to show that even through tragedy and hardship there is always hope and life at the end.