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Olivia - Ian Falconer

Lexile Level: AD 270L 


This book is about a young girl pig named Olivia. She is good at a lot of things and never gets tired of doing those things. She enjoys things like singing songs, dressing up, building sand castles, dancing, painting on walls and more. She has a little brother, who would sometimes just not leave her alone. Throughout the story, Olivia does many different activities that she loves to do. She does all these fun activities to wear out her family members because she never gets sleepy. But finally at the end of the story after a long day Olivia lays down in bed to read a story with her mother, and finally goes to sleep.

This is a book that most kindergarten or first graders can relate to because of the activities that Olivia does throughout the book. This book would be an enjoyable read for younger students.