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Miss Nelson is Missing

Miss Nelson Is Missing! - Harry Allard, James Marshall

Lexile Level: 340L


So this is book would be good to read to grades 2nd-4th. It starts off with room 207's teacher being out, so they have to have a substitute, Miss Viola Swamp who is not like their teacher at all. She is strict, moody, and she wears all black. When she comes in the room, the kids can tell that she means business, she gives them tons of homework and no story hour. As days passed, the students started to miss Miss Nelson. The students tried to find her, even going to the police, but it was no use, Miss Nelson was no where to  be found. But then one day, instead of hearing Miss Swamp's voice, they heard the sweet teacher they remember coming into the room, Miss Nelson. When she came in she was surprised that not only that they missed her, but they were well behaved. 

I would use this book to show that everyone should be respected the same way and reinforced manner and the respect to teachers and elders.